Philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point however is to change it (Karl Max - XI Thesis)
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1. Abstract Book

Participants have the chance to publish their abstracts in an abstract book. (The language of the abstract and the language of oral presentation must be the same). Professors who are not supposed to apply to the conference with an abstract can also send their abstracts, if they would like to publish them in the abstract book)


2. Proceedings

Participants can choose one among these publication types:

a)        Articles written in Turkish will be published in the Conference Book.

b)        Articles written in English or German will be published in a special issue by  an international publication house.

c)        Articles written in Turkish, English or German will be published in International journal of social and humanities sciences(



1- Articles should flow with a smooth transition from one paragraph to the next. The papers submitted for the conference are required to meet the criteria to be accepted for publication in the conference proceedings.

2- Papers which are not approved by the scientific committee will not be published in the conference proceedings.

3- Each paper can only be published in one issue.

4- Professors who have not submitted their abstracts will not demand the right of publication in the abstract book.

5- The maximum page numbers are 15 for full papers. Please make sure that papers should include the rules of spelling Apr 6.0 Ape 6.0 Orthography and Citations Format . Papers should be sent to until June 23, 2024.

6- The articles submitted for presentation / publication at our conference must not have been submitted / published elsewhere . It is assumed that this rule has been accepted by all authors. In case this rule is disobeyed, the conference committee reserves its legal rights to the relevant author(s). In the event of any negligence that may arise, all material and moral responsibility shall be with the respective author(s) concerned..


Would you like to make contribution to our conference? If you would like to offer contribution to IARSP 2024 by providing language support in the evaluation process of the abstracts or in any other way, please feel free to write us (

Important Dates

Commencement Dates & Deadlines for International Social Sciences and Humanities Berlin Conference

Early Application: XX XXXXX XXXX
Deadline for early application is XX XXXXX XXXX.

Regular Application: XX XXXXX XXXX
Deadline for Regular application is XX XXXXX XXXX.

Late Registration: XX XXXXX XXXX
Deadline for Late application is XX XXXXX XXXX.

Conference: XX XXXXX XXXX

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