Philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point however is to change it (Karl Max - XI Thesis)
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International Academic Research and Sharing Platform (IARSP )


IARSP is a scientific platform which is constitiued by scientists and tightly coupled with democracy and human rights practices.

This platform is in no way connected to any political organization. Au contraire, it aims to make contribution to the development of  communicative network between whole world universites and scientific institutions.  



  • Global expension of scientific knowledge.

  • Enhancement  of colloboration between national and international universities.

  • Organization of scientific activities to foster academic integrity.



Our vision is to organize a scientific channel of diffusion through which academic knowledge and interaction are believed to be disseminated and circulated. By uniting inter-diciplinary studies and various researchers from different universities  around the world, IARSP aims to make healthy contributions to the development of scientific interaction.

The purpose of IARSP organization is to build a mutual center for those academicians who are willing to share their studies, regional issues and problems, and their methods, aproaches and findings.It also aims to create awareness on academic and intellectual circles of different nations,in addition to their practices and new trends.


Values and Principles

  • Respect for human rights, labour and knowledge
  • Scientific and transparent evaluation
  • Absolute compliance with scientific ethics
  • Efficiency in the use of resources
  • Liberal research environment




Leyla Aydemir Dr. Leyla Aydemir
Project Coordinator (Director)

Prof.Dr. Boike Rehbein Prof.Dr. Boike Rehbein

Tuncay Aydemir Tuncay Aydemir
Organisational Informatics Coordinator

Meral Birinci Meral Birinci
Language Supervisor (English)

Emrah Noyan Emrah Noyan
Language Supervisor (English)

Cenk Isler Cenk Isler
Language Supervisor (English)

Seda Altuntas Seda Altuntas
Language Supervisor (English)

Fred Gerart Fred Gerart
Language Supervisor (German)

Tuba Tekin Tuba Tekin
Language Supervisor (German)

Olaf Hofmann Olaf Hofmann
Language Supervisor (German)


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